Our Services

Urology Associates of Richmond offers services and treatments for patients who need a Urology Doctor in Richmond  Va.

Our team at the Urology Associates of Richmond truly cares about each and everyone of our patients. Below is a list of some of the services we provide. Any questions you have, please call us today, and a patient specialist will answer any of your questions.


Kidney Care
At Urology Associates we specialize in Kidney Stones, Kidney Tumors and Kidney Diseases. We have several treatments and prevention plans for our patients. Click HERE to read more about Kidney Diseases.


Expert Urinary Treatment
We offer our patients care for Urinary Incontinence, Urinary Tract Infections, and Blood in Urine / Hematuria.  If you are experiencing any Urinary issues at all, Urology Associates of Richmond is here to help.  Click above to read more details.


Bladder Tumors/Bladder Cancer
We are experts in Bladder diagnosis and treatment.  We have experienced staff ready to service our patients, but we have provided a link HERE to help you understand more.  For professional medical consultation, please contact us, and we will make an appointment for you today.

Male Specific

Urology Associates of Richmond provides services of Vasectomy, Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence, as well as Male Infertility needs.  Call us for a confidential appointment.


Prostate Specialist
We are experienced with Prostate Enlargement/BPH, as well as Prostate Cancer.  Prostate Enlargement happens to almost all men as they get older, especially after 50 years of age.  We specialize in treatment and preventative care.

Special Procedures

Male Specific
Urology Associates of Richmond also performs Circumcisions and diagnosis and treatment of Testicular/Scrotal Problems.

Delivering individualized and compassionate Urologic Care, that’s what we do best.

If you have any questions or concerns, wish to schedule an appointment, pay a bill, or anything related to your care at  Urology Associates of Richmond, please call anyone on our staff. Our promise to our patients and their families is that we are committed to providing excellent care in a personalized manner.

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